Vivanet Giuliano


Short Biography

Research fellow in Methodologies of teaching, special education and educational research (Italian Scientific Sector: 11/D2) at University of Cagliari  (Italy).

In the recent years, he has been contract professor of Computer Science and E-learning at University of Cagliari and of Learning Management Systems and E-Learning for adults and organizations at University of Genoa.

In 2003, he received the magna cum laude Italian Master-level degree in Education Sciences, in 2005 the Italian First level Master degree in E-Learning for the school, University and enterprises, and in 2009 the Ph.D in Languages, Cultures and Information and Communication Technologies from the University of Genoa.

His biographical profile was published in the 2013 30th Pearl Anniversary edition of Who’s Who in the World.

He carries out his research activity on e-learning issues in collaboration with the ALOPHIS – Applied Logic, Philosophy and History of Science – Group (Department of Pedagogical and Philosophical Sciences, University of Cagliari) and the ELKM Lab.- E-learning and Knowledge Management Laboratory – (Department of Communication, Computer and System Sciences, University of Genoa). He has published around 40 publications.

Curriculum Vitae

Available at the personal webpage at the University of Cagliari

Research Interests

  • evidence based education;
  • educational research;
  • e-learning and educational technologies;
  • instructional design and learning resources.


phone: +39 …………
e-mail: giuliano [dot] vivanet [at] unica [dot] it
skype: giulianovivanet

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