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Titolo: Oligonucleotides and Polynucleotides Condensation onto Liposome Surface: Effects of the Base and the Nucleotide Lenght
Data di pubblicazione: 2013
Abstract: The association behavior of different nucleic acids with cationic liposomes has been monitored, in order to find out how the polymer length, the type of base and the charge density affect the lipoplex formation. In particular the associative features displayed by the homopolymer 20-mer of adenine, Oligo (dA), of timine, Oligo (dT), and of guanine, Oligo (dG), were compared to understand the role of the base. The effects of the nucleic acid length and of the charge density were evaluated taking account of the association of the polyadenylic acid and of the DNA onto the liposomes. The results show that the homopolymer Oligo (dG) is able to interact with the cationic liposomes to the same extent as DNA, in spite of the fact that Oligo (dG) is a short polymer made of 20 residues and DNA is a longer and dual strand polymer having a higher charge density.
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