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Titolo: Angiotensin II: immunohistochemical study in Sardinian pterygium
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: The angiotensin II (Ang II) is the principal effector peptide of the RAS system. It has a pleiotropic effect and, beside its physiological role, it has the property to stimulate angiogenesis and activate multiple signalling pathways related to cell proliferation. The purpose of the study was to determinate the Ang II expression and localization in Sardinian pterygium and normal conjunctiva by immunohistochemistry, and its possible involvement in the development and progression of the disease. Twenty-three pterygiums and eleven normal conjunctiva specimens obtained from Sardinian patients, were processed for paraffin embedding and assessed for the immunohistochemical revelation of Ang II. Significant Ang II expression was identified in pterygium and conjuntica. Particularly, thirteen pterygium specimens (n=13) displayed exclusively moderate to strong nuclear staining; some specimens (n=5) showed exclusively a moderate cytoplasmatic immunoreactivity, and few specimens (n=2) displayed moderate to strong immunoreactivity in both cytoplasm and nucleus. Statistical significance difference in respect of nuclear and cytoplasmatic localization was observed between normal conjunctiva and pterygium (P=0.038).The results showed a predominant intranuclear localization of Ang II in pterygium epithelial cells, in spite of conjunctiva that mainly showed cytoplasmatic localization. In view of these results, we hypothesized a possible gene expression modulator role played by Ang II in pterygium.
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