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Titolo: Optical and structural characterization of cerium doped LYSO sol-gel polycrystal films: potential application as scintillator panel for X-ray imaging
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: The optical and structural properties of sol-gel prepared polycrystalline films of Cerium doped Lutetium and Yttrium oxyorthosilicates (Ce:LYSO) are investigated by means of optical spectroscopy, XRD diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. The sol-gel samples are compared to commercially available Ce-doped LYSO single crystals, and a detailed study of the emission properties from the different cerium sites is performed. The main result is that the polycrystalline films do show very good radioluminescence properties for possible applications as X-ray scintillating panels. The structural characterization indicates that the sol-gel polycrystals have similar phase composition to commercial monocrystals; concerning the excitation and emission properties, the same radiative recombination channels are observed in the polycrystals and commercial monocrystals with a slightly faster decay time in the first case. In addition, low temperature measurements (8 K) indicate the presence of a non-radiative cross-relaxation mechanism among cerium ions in the sol-gel grown samples in the two possible crystallographic sites. The results indicate the possibility to develop sol-gel synthesized polycrystalline thin films as scintillating materials in the X-ray energy range.
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