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Titolo: Identification and mode of action studies of new potent inhibitors of the RNA viruses HCV, BVDV and RSV
Data di pubblicazione: 29-mar-2012
Abstract: Several of worldwide emerging infections are caused by RNA viruses. For this reason, research in the antiviral chemotherapy field is directed toward the development of compounds that target various steps of the virus life cycle. In this work the antiviral activity of 5-Acetyl-2- Arylbenzimidazoles and 2-[(benzotriazol-1/2 yl)methyl]benzimidazoles has been evaluated against representatives of several virus families, including HCV BVDV, YFV, REO-1, CVB-5, Sb-1 and RSV. Some of the new derivatives turned out to be very interesting for their potency and selectivity against BVDV and HCV (the former), and RSV (the latter), and could be promising candidates for the treatment of the related diseases.
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