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Titolo: Demersal assemblages in two trawl fishing lanes located on the Baronie seamount (Central Western Mediterranean)
Data di pubblicazione: 2011
Abstract: This work focuses on the species associations of the Baronie Seamount (north-eastern Sardinia, Italy), according to variations in depth and time of day. The aim was to highlight the potential vertical movements of the species and to compare these results to existing data from a submarine canyon. Twenty-two samples were taken at different depths and times along two trawl lines over the seamount. A total of 94 species were caught; among these, 48 bony fish, 9 cartilaginous fish, 13 molluscs and 24 crustaceans were selected for analysis. Cluster analysis showed 3 groups in which both depth and time of day play an important role in grouping. Nine species showed some daily and nocturnal movement, probably linked to trophic requirements. The daily movements according to size and sex of the shrimps Aristaeomorpha foliacea and Aristeus antennatus were also studied. For these two populations, the analysis showed an uneven distribution and the did l cycle appears to involve only the females. These species seem to adapt their life cycle to the geomorphology of the sea bottom. The diurnal movements from the base of the seamount to the edge of the continental shelf increase the range of the species distribution. In fact, the seamount, due to its geomorphological conformation, offers these species the opportunity to very quickly span a considerable range of depths. These movements are known to occur in the continental shelf and slope, but in the seamount they are broadened and can be studied more easily.
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