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Titolo: Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) as precursors of a distinct family of PUFAs
Data di pubblicazione: 2004
Abstract: One of the possibilities for distinct actions of c9,t11 - and the t10,c12-conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)isomers may be at the level of metabolism since the conjugated diene structure gives to CLA isomers and their metabolites a distinct pattern of incorporation into the lipid fraction and metabolism. In fact,CLA appears to undergo similar transformations as linoleic acid but with subtle isomer differences, which may account for their activity in lowering linoleic acid metabolites in those tissues rich in neutral lipids where CLA is preferentially incorporated. Furthermore, c9,t11 and t10,c12 isomers are metabolized at a different rate in the peroxisomes, where the shortened metabolite from t10,c12 is formed at a much higher proportion than the metabolite from c9,t11. This may account for the lower accumulation of t10,c12 isomer into cell lipids. CLA isomers may therefore be viewed as a "new" family of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) producing a distinct range of metabolites using the same enzymatic system as the other (i.e., n-3, n-6 and n-9) PUFA families. It is likely that perturbation of PUFA metabolism by CLA will have an impact on eicosanoid formation and metabolism, closely linked to the biological activities attributed to CLA.
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