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Titolo: Liposomes as carriers for verbascoside: stability and skin permeation studies
Data di pubblicazione: 2008
Abstract: In this study the influence of liposomal incorporation on both the stability and the in vitro (trans) dermal delivery of verbascoside was evaluated. The effect of drug entrapment into vesicles on its radical scavenging activity was also studied. Liposomes were obtained from soy phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol according to the film hydration method. Stability of verbascoside-loaded vesicles was studied over 6 months. Results showed that verbascoside can be incorporated in liposomes (E% = 57-66%), preventing its degradation. Stability studies (dynamic lager light scattering [DLLS] measurements and transmission electron microscopy [TEM] visualization) pointed out that vesicles were stable for 90 days and neither verbascoside leakage nor vesicle size alteration occurred during this period. The effects of vesicular incorporation on verbascoside diffusion through skin were investigated in vitro using newborn pig skin. Results showed that liposomes promoted drug accumulation into the stratum corneum but they did not give rise to any significant transdermal verbascoside delivery. Finally, results obtained from a 1, 1-diphenyl-2-pierylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical assay demonstrated that liposomes did not interfere with the radical scavenging activity of verbascoside.
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