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Krill oil to improve blood lipids status in advanced cancer patient with cachexia2012Serpe R; Madeddu C; Panzone F; Antoni G; Cau MC; Maccio A; Mantovani G; Banni SJOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY
Prognostic role of lipid profile in patients with advanced cancer2012Panzone F; Madeddu C; Maccio A; Cau M C; Antoni G; Serpe R; Mantovani GANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
Trastuzumab-induced early cardiac dysfunction assessed by speckle tracking echocardiography: correlation with chronic inflammation and oxidative stress markers2012Dessi' M; Mantovani G; Madeddu C; Orgiano L; Alessandra P; Cadeddu C; Antoni G; Serpe R; Mercuro GANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
L-Carnitine: An adequate supplement for a multi-targeted anti-wasting therapy in cancer2012Busquets, S; Serpe, Roberto; Toledo, M; Betancourt, A; Marmonti, E; Orpí, M; Pin, F; Capdevila, E...; Madeddu, Clelia; López Soriano, Fj; Mantovani, G; Macciò, A; Argilés, J. M.CLINICAL NUTRITION
Randomised Phase III Clinical Trial of a Combined Treatment With Carnitine plus Celecoxib +/- Megestrol Acetate for Patients With Cancer-related Anorexia/cachexia Syndrome2011Madeddu C; Panzone F; Antoni G; Serpe R; Dessi' M; Maccio' A; Mantovani GEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER
The cachexia score (CASCO): a new tool for staging cachectic cancer patients2011Argiles Josep, M.; Lopez Soriano Francisco, J.; Toledo, Miriam; Betancourt, Angelica; Serpe, Robe...rto; Busquets, SilviaJOURNAL OF CACHEXIA, SARCOPENIA AND MUSCLE
Muscle wasting in cancer and ageing: Cachexia versus sarcopenia2011Argiles Josep, M.; Busquets, Silvia; Orpi, Marcel; Serpe, Roberto; Lopez Soriano Francisco, J.Springer Netherlands
Cancer cachexia: Physical activity and muscle force in tumour-bearing rats2011Toledo Miriam; Busquets Silvia; Sirisi Sonia; Serpe R; Orpi Marcel; Coutinho Joana; Martinez Raqu...el; Lopez-Soriano Francisco J.; Argiles Josep M.ONCOLOGY REPORTS
Correlation between both serum osteopontin/osteonectin and bone remodelling parameters, inflammatory/metabolic variables and survival in metastatic cancer patients with tumors at different sites2011Mantovani G; Madeddu C; Astara G; Demurtas L; Antoni G; Serpe R; Ruggiero VEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CANCER
Formoterol and cancer muscle wasting in rats: Effects on muscle force and total physical activity2011Busquets, Silvia; Toledo, Miriam; Sirisi, Sonia; Orpi, Marcel; Serpe, Roberto; Coutinho, Joana; M...artinez, Raquel; Argiles Josep, M.; Lopez Soriano Francisco, J.EXPERIMENTAL AND THERAPEUTIC MEDICINE
Antioxidant agents alpha lipoic acid, N-Acetyl cysteine and MESNA (2-mercaptoethane sulfonate) are effective in inducing lymphocyte progression through cell cycle in advanced cancer patients 2011Mantovani G; Macciò A; Madeddu C; Serpe R; Gramignano G; Panzone FCURRENT TRENDS IN IMMUNOLOGY
Cardioprotective effect of telmisartan in cancer patients treated with telmisartan2010Dessi M; Madeddu C; Serpe R; Massa E; Cadeddu C; Piras A; Mercuro G; Mantovani GJOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY
Megestrol acetate: Its impact on muscle protein metabolism supports its use in cancer cachexia2010Busquets Silvia; Serpe R; Sirisi Sonia; Toledo Miriam; Coutinho Joana; Martinez Raquel; Orpi Marc...el; Lopez-Soriano Francisco J.; Argiles Josep M.CLINICAL NUTRITION
Randomized phase III clinical trial of five different arms of treatment in 332 patients with cancer cachexia2010Mantovani, G; Maccio, A; Madeddu, Clelia; Serpe, Roberto; Massa, Elena; Dessi', Mariele; Panzone,... F; Contu, PaoloTHE ONCOLOGIST
Focus on the assessment of physical activity level of patients with cancer cachexia enrolled in a randomized phase III clinical trial2010Mantovani G; Maccio A; Madeddu C; Dessi A; Serpe R; Antoni G; Massa E; Astara G; Panzone FJOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY
Open phase II study on efficacy and safety of an oral amino acid functional cluster supplementation in cancer cachexia2010Madeddu, Clelia; Macciò, Antonio; Astara, G; Massa, Elena; Dessì, M; Antoni, Giorgia; Panzone, F;... Serpe, Roberto; Mantovani, GiovanniMEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM
Phase II nonrandomized study of the efficacy and safety of COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib on patients with cancer cachexia2010Mantovani, G; Maccio', A; Madeddu, Clelia; Serpe, Roberto; Antoni, G; Massa, Elena; Dessi', Marie...le; Panzone, F.JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR MEDICINE
Randomised phase III clinical trial of 5 different arms of treatment for patients with cancer-related anorexia/cachexia syndrome (CACS)2010Madeddu, Clelia; Macciò, A; Panzone, F; Serpe, Roberto; Dessi, M; Massa, E; Mantovani, G.ANNALS OF ONCOLOGY
Improvement of physical activity as an alternative objective variable to measure treatment effects of anticachexia therapy in cancer patients2010Mantovani, G.; Madeddu, Clelia; Serpe, Roberto; Maccio, A.CURRENT OPINION IN SUPPORTIVE AND PALLIATIVE CARE
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