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Increased conversion and selectivity of 4-nitrostyrene hydrogenation to 4-aminostyrene on Pt nanoparticles supported on titanium-tungsten mixed oxides2016Carrus, M; Fantauzzi, M; Riboni, F; Makosch, M; Rossi, A; Selli, E; Van Bokhoven, JAAPPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL
Characterization of brass alloys aged at open circuit potential in neutral solutions2016Cocco, Federica; Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Palomba, Silvia; Rossi, Antonella
Dissolution of brass alloys naturally aged in neutral solutions: an electrochemical and surface analytical study2016Cocco F; Fantauzzi M; Elsener B; Rossi ARSC ADVANCES
Characterisation of Roman and Byzantine glasses from the surroundings of Thugga (Tunisia): Raw materials and colours2016Fermo, P.; Andreoli, M.; Bonizzoni, L.; Fantauzzi, M.; Giubertoni, G.; Ludwig, N.; Rossi, A.MICROCHEMICAL JOURNAL
Electrochemical and XPS surface analytical study on the reactivity of Ni-free stainless steel in artificial saliva2016Elsener, B; Pisu, M; Fantauzzi, M; Addari, D; Rossi, AMATERIALS AND CORROSION
Determination of the corrosion rate inside historical brass wind instruments – Proof of concept2016Elsener, Bernhard; Cocco, Federica; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Palomba, S.; Rossi, AntonellaMATERIALS AND CORROSION
Determination of the limit of detection by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for As, Zn and Pb oxides in SiO2 matrix as model systems for environmental investigations2016Atzei, D; Elsener, B; Fantauzzi, M; Brundu, F; Rossi, ASPECTROCHIMICA ACTA, PART B: ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY
Physicochemical characterization of metal hexacyanometallate–TiO2 composite materials2015Berrettoni M; Ciabocco M; Fantauzzi M; Giorgetti M; Rossi A; Caponetti ERSC ADVANCES
A non-destructive in-situ approach to monitor corrosion inside historical brass instruments2015Elsener B; Alter M; Lombardo T; Ledergerber M; Wöhrle M; Cocco F; Fantauzzi M; Rossi A
Brass instruments of the 19th and early 20th centuries between long-term conservation and use in historically informed performance practice2015Lombardo T; Alter M; Cornet E; Ledergerber M; Kergourlay F; Wörle M; Elsener B; Cocco F; Fantauzz...i M; Rossi A; Lehmann E; Mannes D; Allenbach D; Mürner M; von Steiger A; Skamletz M
Non-destructive XPS surface analysis of cultural heritage – surface composition of ancient brass instruments2015Cocco F; Fantauzzi M; Elsener B; Rossi A
Surface coating from phosphonate ionic liquid electrolyte for the enhancement of the tribological performance of magnesium alloy2015Jiménez AE; Rossi A; Fantauzzi M; Espinosa T; Arias Pardilla J; Martínez NG; Bermudez M DACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES
Fe (II) segregation at a specific crystallographic site of fibrous erionite: A first step toward the understanding of the mechanisms inducing its carcinogenicity2015Ballirano P; Pacella A; Cremisini C; Nardi E; Fantauzzi M; Atzei D; Rossi A; Cametti GMICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS
Surface alteration mechanism and topochemistry of iron in tremolite asbestos: A step towards understanding the potential hazard of amphibole asbestos2015Pacella A; Fantauzzi M; Turci F; Cremisini C; Montereali M R; Nardi E; Atzei D; Andreozzi G B; Ro...ssi ACHEMICAL GEOLOGY
Exploiting XPS for the identification of sulfides and polysulfides2015Fantauzzi, Marzia; Elsener, Bernhard; Atzei, Davide; Rigoldi, Americo; Rossi, AntonellaRSC ADVANCES
Exploiting XPS for clarifying toxicity of mineral fibers2015Fantauzzi, Marzia; Pacella, Alessandro; Andreozzi, Giovanni B.; Ballirano, Paolo; Gianfagna, Anto...nio; Rossi, AntonellaPERIODICO DI MINERALOGIA
Dissolution reaction and surface iron speciation of UICC crocidolite in buffered solution at pH 7.4: A combined ICP-OES, XPS and TEM investigation2014Pacella A; Fantauzzi M; Turci F; Cremisini C; Montereali MR; Nardi E; Atzei D; Rossi A; Andreozzi GBGEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA
Surface chemical characterization of PM10 samples by XPS2014Atzei D; Fantauzzi M; Rossi A; Fermo P; Piazzalunga A; Valli G; Vecchi RAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE
MeOx/SBA-15 (Me = Zn, Fe): highly efficient nanosorbents for mid-temperature H2S removal2014Mureddu, M; Ferino, I; Musinu, A; Ardu, A; Rombi, E; Cutrufello, MG; Deiana, P; Fantauzzi, M; Can...nas, CJOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. A
A contribution to the surface characterization of alkali metal sulfates2014Fantauzzi M; Rigoldi A; Elsener B; Atzei D; Rossi AJOURNAL OF ELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY AND RELATED PHENOMENA
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