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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
Laboratory tests simulating corrosion in geothermal power plants: influence of service conditions2020Vallejo Vitaller, Ana; Angst, Ueli M.; ELSENER, BERNHARDGEOTHERMAL ENERGY
A setup for electrochemical corrosion testing at elevated temperature and pressure2020Vallejo Vitallera, Ana; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardMEASUREMENT
Model Protective Films on Cu-Zn Alloys Simulating the Inner Surfaces of Historical Brass Wind Instruments by EIS and XPS2020Rossi, Antonella; Cocco, Federica; Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Passiu, CristianaFRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY
The mechanism controlling corrosion of steel in carbonated cementitious materials in wetting and drying exposure  2020Stefanoni, Matteo; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardCEMENT & CONCRETE COMPOSITES
Chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in cracked concrete: the influence of time of wetness on corrosion propagation2020Boschmann, Carolina; Angst, Ueli; Ebel, Gino; Elsener, BernhardCORROSION ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
Critical Analysis of Experiments on Reinforcing Bar Corrosion in Cracked Concrete2020Käthler, Carolina Boschmann; Angst, Ueli M.; Hornbostel, Karla; Elsener, BernhardACI MATERIALS JOURNAL
Preliminary Results on Corrosion Rate in Carbonated LC3 Concrete2020Cabrera, Elizabeth; Alujas, Adrián; Elsener, Bernhard; Fernando Martirena-Hernandez, JoseSpringer Nature
Stainless steels: passive film composition, pitting potentials and critical chloride content in concrete2020Elsener, Bernhard; Fantauzzi, Marzia; Rossi, AntonellaMATERIALS AND CORROSION
Corrosion behaviour of L80 steel grade in geothermal power plants in Switzerland2019Vallejo Vitaller, Ana; Angst, Ueli M.; Elsener, BernhardMETALS
Influence of Calcium Nitrate and Sodium Hydroxide on Carbonation Induced Steel Corrosion in Concrete2019Stefanoni, Matteo; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardCORROSION
Analysis of corrosion with electrochemical techniques applied to geothermal power plants in Switzerland2019Vallejo Vitaller, Ana; Angst, Ueli M.; Elsener, BernhardEuropean Corrosion Congress
Kinetics of electrochemical dissolution of metals in porous media2019Stefanoni, Matteo; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardNATURE MATERIALS
Measuring critical chloride contents in structures and the influence on service life modeling2019Boschmann Käthler, Carolina; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardCRC Press/Balkema
A novel approach to systematically collect critical chloride contents in concrete in an open access data base2019Boschmann Käthler, Carolina; M Angst, Ueli; M Aguilar, Asel; ELSENER, BERNHARDDATA IN BRIEF
The effect of the steel-concrete interface on chloride-induced corrosion initiation in concrete2019Michael Angst, Ueli; Geiker, Mette; Cruz Alonso, Maria; Polder, Rob; Isgor, Burkan; Elsener, Bern...hard; Wong, Hong; Michel, Alexander; Hornbostel, Karla; Gehlen, Christoph; François, Raoul; Sanchez, Mercedes; Criado, Maria; Sørensen, Henrik; Hansson, Carolyn; Pillai, Radhakrishna; Mundra, Shishir; Gulikers, Joost; Raupach, Michael; Pacheco, José; Sagüés, AlbertoMATERIALS AND STRUCTURES
A systematic data collection on chloride-induced steel corrosion in concrete to improve service life modelling and towards understanding corrosion initiation2019Boschmann Käthler, Carolina; Aguilar, Asel Maria; Angst, Ueli; Elsener, BernhardCORROSION SCIENCE
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - Prevention, Diagnosis, Repair second edition in chinese language2019Bertolini, Luca; Elsener, Bernhard; Pedeferri, Pietro; Redaelli, Elena; Polder, RobChina Science Publishing & Media Ltd (Science Press)
Development of a novel methodology to assess the corrosion threshold in concrete based on simultaneous monitoring of pH and free chloride concentration2018Seguí Femenias, Yurena; Angst, Ueli; Moro, Fabrizio; Elsener, BernhardSENSORS
Electrochemistry and capillary condensation theory reveal the mechanism of corrosion in dense porous media2018Stefanoni, M; Angst U., M; Elsener, BSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Experiences from RILEM TC 235-CTC in recommending a test method for chloride threshold values in concrete2018Tang, L.; Fredriksen, J.; Angst, U.; Polder, R.; Cruz Alonso, M.; Elsener, B.; Hooton, D.; Pachec...o, J.RILEM TECHNICAL LETTERS
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