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Does calling alcoholism an illness make a difference? The public image over time in Italy In stampaPiras A; Preti A; Moro MF; Giua A; Sini G; Piras M; Pintus M; Pintus E; Manca A; Cannas G; Cossu ...G; Angermeyer MC; Carta MGALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLISM
Psychometric Properties of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire in Children Aged 5-12 Years Across Seven European Countries2020Husky, M. M.; Otten, R.; Boyd, A.; Pez, O.; Bitfoi, A.; Carta, M. G.; Goelitz, D.; Koç, C.; Lesin...skiene, S.; Mihova, Z.; Kovess-Masfety, V.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT
The True Challenges of the Covid-19 Epidemics: The Need for Essential Levels of Care for All2020CARTA, MAURO; Romano, Ferdinando; ORRU, GERMANOTHE OPEN RESPIRATORY MEDICINE JOURNAL
Current issues in the scientific cooperation in Europe2020Carta, M. G.EUROPEAN CHILD & ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY
In the face of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, do people suffering from oncological disease need specific attention?2020Carta, M. G.; Orrù, G.; Scano, A.; Coghe, F.; Nunnari, G.; Facchini, G.; Numis, F. G.; Berretta, M.EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Mental Health and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call for Action2020Kalcev, G.; Preti, A.; Orrù, G.; Carta, M. G.THE OPEN PUBLIC HEALTH JOURNAL
Hypericum scruglii Bacch., Brullo & Salmeri, is it a possible natural resource against Fibromyalgia?2020Carta, Mauro; Manconi, Maria; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Orru, Germano; Cristina Deiddda, Maria; Musu,... Mario; Finco, GabrieleINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PHYTOMEDICINE
Association between the spread of COVID-19 and weather-climatic parameters2020Carta, M. G.; Scano, A.; Lindert, J.; Bonanno, S.; Rinaldi, L.; Fais, S.; Orrù, G.EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Gastrointestinal Coronavirus disease 2019: epidemiology, clinical features, pathogenesis, prevention, and management2020Deidda, Simona; Tora, Lorena; Firinu, Davide; Del Giacco, Stefano; Campagna, Marcello; Meloni, Fe...derico; Orrù, Germano; Chessa, Luchino; Carta, Mauro; Melis, Alessandra; Spolverato, Gaya; Zorcolo, Luigi; Restivo, AngeloEXPERT REVIEW OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY
Hypericum scruglii Bacch., Brullo & Salmeri, a Potential Natural Remedy for Fibromyalgia: A Narrative Review2020Kalcev, Goce; Testa, Giorgia; Manconi, Maria; Bacchetta, Gianluigi; Scano, Alessandra; Orru, Germ...ano; Cristina Deidda, Maria; Finco, Gabriele; Carta, MauroBIOINTERFACE RESEARCH IN APPLIED CHEMISTRY
Does Living in Previously Exposed Malaria or Warm Areas is Associated with a Lower Risk of Severe COVID-19 Infection in Italy?2020Carta, Mauro; Scano, Alessandra; Minerba, Luigi; Romano, Ferdinando; Orru, GermanoBIOINTERFACE RESEARCH IN APPLIED CHEMISTRY
Tracking salience in young people: a psychometric filed test of the Aberrant Salience Inventory (ASI)2019Raballo, A.; Cicero, D. C.; Kerns, J. G.; Sanna, S.; Pintus, M.; Agartz, I.; Pintus, E.; Corrias,... I.; Lai, V.; Petretto, DONATELLA RITA; Carta, Mauro; Preti, AntonioEARLY INTERVENTION IN PSYCHIATRY
Impact of direct-acting antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis C on mood: Preliminary results from a longitudinal study2019Mura, Gioia; Chessa, Luchino; Manca, Annaraffaela; Preti, Antonio; Balestrieri, Cinzia; Onali, Si...mona; Carta, Mauro GiovanniGENERAL HOSPITAL PSYCHIATRY
The prevalence of specific phobia by age in an Italian nationwide survey: How much does it affect the quality of life?2019Sancassiani, Federica; Romano, Ferdinando; Balestrieri, Matteo; Caraci, Filippo; Di Sciascio,; Drago, Filippo; Carolina Hardoy, Maria; Moro, MARIA FRANCESCA; Roncone, Rita; Piras, Martina; Preti, Antonio; Dell’Osso, Liliana; Faravelli, Carlo; Carta, MauroCLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Factor structure models of the SCL-90-R: Replicability across communitysamples of adolescents2019Preti, Antonio; Carta, Mauro; Petretto, DONATELLA RITAPSYCHIATRY RESEARCH
The aim was about the association with psychiatric disorders not on the pathogenesis of Takotsubo - Author's reply2019Sancassiani, F; Carta, MG; Montisci, R; Machado, S; Marchetti, MF; Meloni, LCLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Cost-effectiveness of US national institute of health and european union FP7 projects on active ageing and elderly quality of life-author's reply2019Carta, Mauro; Atzeni, Michela; Perra, Alessandra; Mela, Quirico; Piras, Martina; Testa, Giorgia; ...Orru, Germano; Kirilov2, IskrenCLINICAL PRACTICE AND EPIDEMIOLOGY IN MENTAL HEALTH
Three-generation households and child mental health in European countries2019Masfety, V. K.; Aarnink, C; Otten, R; Bitfoi, A; Mihova, Z; Lesinskiene, S; Carta M., G; Goelitz,... D; Husky, MSOCIAL PSYCHIATRY AND PSYCHIATRIC EPIDEMIOLOGY
The Role of Religion in Suicidal Behavior, Attitudes and Psychological Distress Among University Students: A Multinational Study2019Eskin, ; M., aEmail Author; Poyrazli S., B; Janghorbani M., C; Bakhshi S., C; Carta, M. G.; Moro,... M. F.; Tran U. S., E; Voracek M., E; Mechri A., F; Aidoudi K., F; Hamdan M., G; Nawafleh H., H; Sun, ; J. -M., I; Flood C., J; Phillips L., J; Yoshimasu K., K; Tsuno K., K; Kujan O., L; Harlak H., M; Khader Y., N; Shaheen A., O; Taifour S., PTRANSCULTURAL PSYCHIATRY
BEEP-Bodily and emotional perception of pain. A questionnaire to measure reaction to pain in chronic pain disorders2019Preti, A.; Stocchino, S.; Pinna, F.; Deidda, M. C.; Musu, M.; Sancassiani, F.; Romano, F.; Machad...o, S.; Finco, G.; Carta, M. G.FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY
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