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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
A DC Side Energy Storage Management for One-Day- Ahead Power Profile Control of Concentrator PhotovoltaicIn stampaDamiano A; Gatto G; Lai A; Musio C; Marongiu I; Serpi A
A multistage design procedure for planning and implementing public charging infrastructures for electric vehicles2020Porru, M.; Serpi, A.; Mureddu, M.; Damiano, A.SUSTAINABILITY
Design and Performance Assessment of an Integrated Flywheel Energy Storage Systems based on an Inner-Rotor Large-Airgap SPM2020Floris, A; Damiano, A; Serpi, A
A Forecasting-Based Control Algorithm for Improving Energy Management in High Concentrator Photovoltaic Power Plant Integrated with Energy Storage Systems2020Salimbeni, Andrea; Porru, Mario; Massidda, Luca; Damiano, AlfonsoENERGIES
A Smart Energy Management System of a Highly-Integrated Battery-Ultracapacitor System2020Salimbeni, A; Porru, M; Damiano, A; Serpi, A
A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Sizing Integrated PV-BESS Systems for Prosumers2020Korjani, S; Serpi, A; Damiano, A
Designing Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: a Recommendation Tool for Optimal Sizing of Renewable Energy Source Systems2020Casu, F; Korjani, S; Pilloni, V; Serpi, A; Damiano, A; Giusto, D
Design and Economic Assessment of a RES-Based Microgrid for an Energy Community2020Damiano, A.; Scano, E. A.; Varone, A.IEEE
Design of flux-weakening space vector control algorithms for permanent magnet brushless DC machines on suitable synchronous reference frames2019Serpi, Alessandro; Porru, Mario; Fois, Giuseppe; Damiano, AlfonsoIET ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS IN TRANSPORTATION
Torque Harmonics Minimization of Double-Stage Magnetic Gear Transmission System2019FLORIS, ANDREA; SERPI, ALESSANDRO; DAMIANO, ALFONSO; Hahn, Ingo
Energy storage systems based on sodium metal halides batteries2019Boi, Mauro; Battaglia, Daniele; Salimbeni, Andrea; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
Guest Editorial: Resilience in Energy Industries-Recent Advances, Open Challenges, and Future Directions2019Damiano, A.; Rieger, C.; Vyatkin, V.; Manic, M.IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL INFORMATICS
A multi-microgrid aging cost optimisation of battery storage systems in presence of fluctuating renewable energy sources2019Facchini, A.; Korjani, S.; Damiano, A.IEEE
Design, implementation and experimentalvresults of a wireless charger for E-bikes2019Pellitteri, Filippo; Campagna, Nicola; Castiglia, Vincenzo; Damiano, Alfonso; Miceli, Rosario
A Dual-Source DHB-NPC Power Converter for Grid Connected Split Battery Energy Storage System2018Abronzini, Umberto; Attaianese, Ciro; Di Monaco, Mauro; Tomasso, Giuseppe; Damiano, Alfonso; Porr...u, Mario; Serpi, AlessandroIEEE
A Novel Highly Integrated Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Propulsion and Smart Grid Applications2018Serpi, Alessandro; Porru, Mario; Damiano, AlfonsoIntechOpen
Suppression of DC-link voltage unbalance in three-level neutral-point clamped converters2018Porru, M; Serpi, A; Marongiu, I; Damiano, A.JOURNAL OF THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
A Complex Network Approach for the Estimation of the Energy Demand of Electric Mobility2018Mureddu, Mario; Facchini, Angelo; Scala, Antonio; Caldarelli, Guido; Damiano, AlfonsoSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Batteries for Aerospace: a Brief Review2018Damiano, Alfonso; Porru, Mario; Salimbeni, Andrea; Serpi, Alessandro; Castiglia, Vincenzo; Oscar ...Di Tommaso, Antonino; Miceli, Rosario; Schettino, GiuseppeAEIT
Water-Food-Energy Nexus under Climate Change in Sardinia2018Trabucco, Antonio; Sušnik, Janez; Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Lydia; Evans, Barry; Masia, Sara; Blanco..., Maria; Roson, Roberto; Sartori, Martina; Alexandri, Eva; Brouwer, Floor; Spano, Donatella; Damiano, Alfonso; Virdis, Andrea; Sistu, Giovanni; Pulino, Daniele; Statzu, Vania; Madau, Fabio; Strazzera, Elisabetta; Mereu, SimonePROCEEDINGS
Design of a Double-Stage Magnetic Gear for High-Speed Electric Propulsion Systems2018Floris, A; Serpi, A; Porru, M; Fois, G; Damiano, A
Integration of Sodium Metal Halides Batteries in Microgrids for Providing Active Filtering Services2018Salimbeni, A; Serpi, A; Porru, M; Damiano, A
A Comparative Analysis of Different Double-Stage Magnetic Gear Transmission Systems with High Gear Ratio2018Floris, Andrea; Serpi, Alessandro; Porru, Mario; Damiano, Alfonso
A Cascade Multilevel Configuration for Commercial Transport Aircraft2018Buccella, Concettina; Cecati, Carlo; Cimoroni, Maria Gabriella; Damiano, Alfonso; Korjani, Saman;... Porru, Mario; Serpi, Alessandro
Flux-Weakening Space Vector Control Algorithm for Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Machines2018Serpi, A; Fois, G; Porru, M; Damiano, A
A Non-Linear Electrical Model for Iron Doped Sodium Metal Halides Batteries2018BOI, MAURO; BATTAGLIA, DANIELE; SALIMBENI, ANDREA; DAMIANO, ALFONSOIEEE
A Combined Planning and Design Approach of a Public Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles2018Porru, M; Serpi, A; Mureddu, M; Damiano, A
Optimal positioning of storage systems in microgrids based on complex networks centrality measures2018Korjani, Saman; Facchini, Angelo; Mureddu, Mario; Caldarelli, Guido; Damiano, AlfonsoSCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Energy Management of Islanded Microgrid and Energy Storage Systems for Supplying Communications Systems in Critical Infrastructures2018Damiano, Alfonso; Serpi, Alessandro
A Statistical Approach for Modeling the Aging Effects in Li-Ion Energy Storage Systems2018Mureddu, M.; Facchini, A.; Damiano, A.IEEE ACCESS
Design of a High-Speed Ferrite-based Brushless DC Machine for Electric Vehicles2017Damiano, Alfonso; Floris, Andrea; Fois, Giuseppe; Marongiu, Ignazio; Porru, Mario; Serpi, AlessandroIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS
Modelling, Sizing and Control of Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Electric Vehicles2017Porru, Mario; Serpi, Alessandro; Lai, Andrea; Gatto, Gianluca; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
An advanced frequency-based energy management of hybrid energy storage systems for microgrids2017Porru, Mario; Serpi, Alessandro; Salimbeni, Andrea; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
A Thévenin circuit modelling approach for sodium metal halides batteries2017Mauro, Boi; Andrea, Salimbeni; Alfonso, DamianoIEEE
An Optimal Power and Energy Management by Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Microgrids2017Serpi, Alessandro; Porru, Mario; Damiano, AlfonsoENERGIES
A statistical approach for resilience analysis of ESS deployment in RES-based power systems2017Mureddu, Mario; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
Aging cost optimization for planning and management of energy storage systems2017Korjani, Saman; Mureddu, Mario; Facchini, Angelo; Damiano, AlfonsoENERGIES
Hybrid Energy Storage Systems for Smart Grids and Electric Propulsion Systems2017Serpi, A; Porru, M; Damiano, A
A genetic algorithm approach for the identification of microgrids partitioning into distribution networks2017Korjani, Saman; Facchini, Angelo; Mureddu, Mario; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
Experimental assessment of ESS integration in a microgrid supplied by photovoltaic2017Carla, Sanna; Malgorzata, Gawronska; Andrea, Salimbeni; Mario, Porru; Alfonso, DamianoIEEE
Real-time integration of E-Mobility data for the implementation of novel energy paradigms2018Mario, Mureddu; Alfonso, DamianoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Outdoor characterisation of high concentration photovoltaic modules2017Gawronska M.; Sanna C.; Rizzo R.; Boi M.; Damiano A.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Design Criteria for Ferrite-Based High-Speed Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines2017Fois, Giuseppe; Floris, Andrea; Serpi, Alessandro; Porru, Mario; Damiano, AlfonsoInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
A test bench for microgrids powered by Concentrator photovoltaic systems2017M., Gawronska; C., Sanna; S., Casula; Salimbeni, Andrea; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
The Concentrating Solar Power Project of Sardinia: Micro-smart grids based on small-scale concentrating solar power technology2016M. Camerada*, V. Demontis, T. Melis, M. Musio, D. Cocco, G. Cau, A. Damiano
Integration of active filter and energy storage system for power quality improvement in microgrids2016Salimbeni, Andrea; Boi, Mauro; Marongiu, Ignazio; Porru, Mario; Damiano, Alfonso
A Genetic Algorithm for the Definition of Nodal Load Time Evolutions in Micro Grids Assessment2016Korjani, Saman; Porru, Mario; Serpi, Alessandro; Damiano, AlfonsoIEEE
Smart Energy Management of HESS-based Electric Propulsion Systems for Urban Mobility2016Porru, M; Serpi, A; Damiano, A
Modelling and Real-Time Simulations of Electric Propulsion Systems2016Porru, M; Serpi, A; Floris, A; Damiano, A
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