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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutore(i)RivistaEditore
On the fixed-time consensus problem for nonlinear uncertain multiagent systems under switching topologyIn stampaDavila, J.; Pisano, A.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBUST AND NONLINEAR CONTROL
Leader-Follower Synchronization and ISS Analysis for a Network of Boundary-Controlled Wave PDEsIn stampaAguilar, L.; Orlov, Y.; Pisano, A.IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS
Sliding mode based robustification of consensus and distributed optimization control protocols2020Pilloni, Alessandro; FRANCESCHELLI, MAURO; Pisano, Alessandro; Uai, ElioIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL
Distributed Finite-Time Secondary Control of Islanded Microgrids by Coupled Sliding-Mode Technique2020Gholami, M.; Pisano, A.; Hosseini, S. M.; Usai, E.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Method and system for regulating in real time the clock frequencies of at least one cluster of electronic machines2020Pisano, Alessandro; Caviglione, Luca
Adaptive unit-vector law with time-varying gain for finite-time parameter estimation in LTI systems2020Kapetina, M. N.; Pisano, A.; Rapaic, M. R.; Usai, E.APPLIED NUMERICAL MATHEMATICS
Combined Backstepping/Second-Order Sliding-Mode Boundary Stabilization of an Unstable Reaction-Diffusion Process2020Pisano, A.; Orlov, Y.; Pilloni, A.; Usai, E.IEEE CONTROL SYSTEMS LETTERS
On the Robust Distributed Secondary Control of Islanded Inverter-Based Microgrids2020Pilloni, A.; Gholami, M.; Pisano, A.; Usai, E.Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Simplex sliding mode control for autonomous six-DOF vehicles with mono-directional actuators: robustness, stability, and implementation issues2019Bartolini, Giorgio; Pisano, Alessandro; Punta, Elisabetta; Usai, ElioINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBUST AND NONLINEAR CONTROL
Adaptive Parameter Estimation in LTI Systems2019Kapetina, Mirna N.; Rapaic, Milan R.; Pisano, Alessandro; Jelicic, Zoran D.IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL
Delta modulation (Delta-M) via second-order sliding-mode control technique2019Pilloni, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, ElioCONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE
Robust consensus-based secondary voltage restoration of inverter-based islanded microgrids with delayed communications2019Gholami, M.; Pilloni, A.; Pisano, A.; Sanai Dashti, Z. A.; Usai, E.Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Adaptive parameter estimation for infinite-dimensional LTI systems with finite-time convergence2019Kapetina, M. N.; Pisano, A.; Rapaic, M. R.; Usai, E.IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Distributed Robust Finite-Time Non-linear Consensus Protocol for High-order Multi-Agent Systems via Coupled Sliding Mode Control2019Gholami, M.; Hajimani, M.; Dashti, Z. A. Z. S.; Pisano, A.IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Robust Finite-Time Frequency and Voltage Restoration of Inverter-Based Microgrids via Sliding-Mode Cooperative Control2018Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, ElioIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
Robustification of cooperative consensus algorithms in perturbed multi-agents systems2018Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, ElioSpringer
High Accuracy Sigma-Delta Modulator implementations via Suboptimal Quasi-Sliding Mode Control2018Pilloni, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, ElioIEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Metodo ed architettura di gestione della domanda energetica di tipo multi-agente per la riduzione dei picchi di consumo elettrico di una pluralità di apparecchiature elettriche2018Franceschelli, Mauro; Gasparri, Andrea; Pisano, Alessandro; Pilloni, Alessandro
Voltage Restoration of Islanded Microgrids via Cooperative Second-Order Sliding Mode Control2017Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, ElioElsevier B.V.
Finite-time consensus on the median value with robustness properties2017Franceschelli, M; Giua, A; Pisano, AIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL
Receding Horizon Adaptive Second-Order Sliding Mode Control for Doubly-Fed Induction Generator Based Wind Turbine2017Evangelista, Carolina A.; Pisano, Alessandro; Puleston, Paul; Usai, ElioIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONTROL SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY
Coordination of electric thermal systems for distributed demand-side management: A gossip-based cooperative approach2017Franceschelli, Mauro; Gasparri, Andrea; Pisano, AlessandroIEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Output feedback stabilization of coupled reaction-diffusion processes with constant parameters2017Orlov, Y.; Pisano, A.; Pilloni, A.; Usai, E.SIAM JOURNAL ON CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION
On the ISS properties of a class of parabolic DPS’ with discontinuous control using sampled-in-space sensing and actuation2017Pisano, Alessandro; Orlov, YuryAUTOMATICA
Retaining Connectivity In Mobile Communication Mesh Networks2017Pisano, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Pilloni, Alessandro; Shtessel, Yuri; Usai, Elio
Attitude and position tracking of autonomous 6 d.o.f. vehicles with mono-directional actuators2016Arrichiello, V.; Bartolini, G.; Pisano, A.; Punta, E.; Usai, E.; Zolezzi, T.IEEE Computer Society
Conventional and adaptive second-order sliding mode control of a wind energy conversion system2016Evangelista, Carolina; Pisano, Alessandro; Puleston, Paul; Usai, ElioInstitution of Engineering and Technology
Adaptive second-order sliding mode control with uncertainty compensation2016Bartolini, G.; Levant, A.; Pisano, A.; Usai, E.INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONTROL
Uniformly convergent sliding mode-based observation for switched linear systems2016Mincarelli, D; Pisano, Alessandro; Floquet, T; Usai, ElioINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBUST AND NONLINEAR CONTROL
On the sliding-mode control of fractional-order nonlinear uncertain dynamics2016Jakovljević, B; Pisano, Alessandro; Rapaić M., R; Usai, ElioINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ROBUST AND NONLINEAR CONTROL
Switched/time-based adaptation for second-order sliding mode control2016Pisano A; Tanelli M; Ferrara AAUTOMATICA
Robust distributed consensus on the median value for networks of heterogeneously perturbed agents2016Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Usai, ElioInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Consensus-Based Control for a Network of Diffusion PDEs with Boundary Local Interaction2016Pilloni, A; Pisano, A; Orlov, Y; Usai, EIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL
A discontinuous algorithm for distributed convex optimization2016Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Usai, ElioIEEE Computer Society
Integral sliding modes for the robustification of consensus-based multi-agent based systems2016Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Franceschelli, Mauro; Usai, Elio
Consensus-based leader-follower tracking for a network of perturbed diffusion PDEs via local boundary interaction2016Orlov, Yury; Pilloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, Elio
Boundary control of coupled reaction-advection-diffusion equations having the same diffusivity parameter2016Pisano, Alessandro; Baccoli, Antonello; Orlov, Yury; Usai, Elio
Multiple fault diagnosis by signature recognition of time-varying residuals2016Fadda, Gianluca; Piiloni, Alessandro; Pisano, Alessandro; Usai, Elio; Marjanovic, Aleksandra; Vuj...novic, SanjaIEEE Computer Society
Sensor fault diagnosis in water-steam power plants: a combined observer based/pattern-recognition approach2015Fadda, G.; Pilloni, A.; Pisano, A.; Usai, E.; Marjanovic, A.; Vujnovic, S.
Sliding-mode boundary control of a class of perturbed reaction-diffusion processes2015Baccoli, A.; Orlov, Y.; Pisano, A.; Usai, E.
Finite-Time Consensus with Disturbance Rejection by Discontinuous Local Interactions in Directed Graphs2015FRANCESCHELLI, MAURO; PISANO, ALESSANDRO; GIUA, ALESSANDRO; USAI, ELIOIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUTOMATIC CONTROL
Observer-Based Air Excess Ratio Control of a PEM Fuel Cell System via High-Order Sliding Mode2015Pilloni A; Pisano A; Usai EIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS
Boundary control of coupled reaction-diffusion processes with constant parameters2015Baccoli A; Pisano A; Orlov YAUTOMATICA
Numerical Investigation of Packed Bed Thermal Energy Storage Systems with Prediction based Adjustment of the Heat Transfer Fluid Flow2015Pisano, Alessandro; Baccoli, Antonello; Dejaco, Daniela; Usai, Elio; Serra, Fabio; Cau, Giorgio; ...Horn, Martin; Puddu, PierpaoloInstitute of Research Engineers and Doctors
Adaptive unit-vector control of an uncertain heat diffusion process2014Pisano AJOURNAL OF THE FRANKLIN INSTITUTE
On the boundary control of distributed parameter systems by second-order sliding-mode technique. Recent advances and new results2014Baccoli A; Orlov Y; Pisano A; Usai E
Second order sliding mode approaches to fault detection and control of infinite dimensional systems2014Caponetto R.; Pisano A.; Usai E
Recent advances in sliding-mode based consensus strategies2014Pilloni A; Franceschelli M; Pisano A; Usai EIEEE Computer Society
Discontinuous dynamical systems for fault detection. A unified approach including fractional and integer order dynamics2014Pisano A; Rapaić M R; Usai EMATHEMATICS AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION
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