Present Position
Associate Professor of Microbiology (SC 05/I2-Microbiology), Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari, Italy.
1972: Scientific High School Diploma, Cagliari.
1977: Master’s Degree in Biology with full credit, University of Cagliari.
Scientific Formation Abroad
1980-1981: Research Fellow of the National Research Council (CNR), Department of Immunology and Virology, Queen Mary London University (formerly the London Hospital Medical College), London, UK .
1984-1986: Visiting Researcher, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Connecticut,  Storrs, CT-USA.
2003: Visiting Scientist, Department of Persistent Viral Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)/National Institute of Health (NIH), Hamilton, MT-USA.
Academic Positions Held
1989-1999: Research Assistant, Department of Experimental Biology, University of Cagliari.
1999-2005: Researcher, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, University of Cagliari.
2005-present: Associate Professor,  Department of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies (2003-2011), and Department of Biomedical Sciences (2012-present), University of Cagliari.
Academic Appointments
2007-2011: appointed Member of the Academic Committee for award research fellowships, Area 05-Biology.
2010-2012: elected Member of the Academic Senate representing the associate professors.
2012-2014: Chair of the Academic Committee of Coordinators of the PhD courses of the University of Cagliari.
2012-2015: vice Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy.
2012-present: appointed Member of the Board of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, and of the Board of the Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy.
2015-present: appointed Member of the Academic Committee for the evaluation  of the scientific activity of RTD-A.
Research Activity
Research interests: biochemistry of virus replication; drug discovery of novel compounds with anti-viral, anti-prion, and anti-proliferative activity; mode of action of novel inhibitors; study of drug combinations with synergistic activity; mechanisms of drug resistance of viruses and/or of human cells to antiviral and antiproliferative compounds; characterization and development of molecular targets as biomarkers for the early diagnosis of transmissible (i.e. prions) and non-transmissible (i.e. Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc.) neurodegenerative proteopathies.
Scientific production: over 100 papers, most of which published in impacted peer-reviewed International journals, and 10 patents/patent applications [H-index: 24 (Scopus 2017) ; 28 (Google Scholar 2017)]. Participation to over 150 National and International Congresses and Conferences; Chairman and/or Invited Speaker (since 2010): International Conference on Drugs Discovery & Therapy, Dubai (2010); Neurotalk Conference, Singapore (2010), International Conference on Virology, Baltimore, USA (2011); International Summer School on Prion & Prion-like Neurodegenerative Disorders, Cagliari (2015), Carloforte (2016), Desenzano del Garda (2017). Editor of the scientific book entitled “Cell growth and cholesterol esters” co-published by the Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers (New York, USA) and Landes Bioscience (Houston, Texas), series Molecular Biology-Intelligent Unit (2003).
Teaching Activity
2000-2005: Environmental Microbiology, Faculty of Sciences.
2000-2006: Immunity and Laboratory Applications, Degree in Experimental Biology, Faculty of Sciences.
2000-2007: Microbiology, Degree in Applied Bioecology, Faculty of Sciences.
2004-2012: Microbiology, Medical School in Clinical Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
2008-present: Microbiology, Degree in Biology, Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy.
2010-2012: Microbiology, Medical School in Microbiology and Virology, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
2012-2015: Molecular Microbiology and Virology, Master’s Degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy.
2015-present: Microbiology, Degree in Industrial Biotechnology, Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy.
Coordination Activity
Coordinator of the PhD course  “Research & Development of Anti-Infective Drugs” (2008-2013). Chair of the Academic Committee of Coordinators of the PhD courses of the University of Cagliari (2012-2014). Vice-Coordinator of the PhD course  “Molecular Medicine” (2013-2014). Member of the Scientific Board of the PhD course  “Molecular & Translational Medicine” (2014-present).
Coordinator and/or Senior Investigator of research projects funded by the National Ministry of Health, University of Cagliari,  Regione Sardegna, and various local and International scientific foundations. Member of Research Units of research projects funded by MIUR (PRIN, FIRB) and the European Community.
Coordination of research activities and scientific supervision of several post-docs, and of undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. students’ thesis internships.
Organizing Activity
Organization of the Conference  “Ebola: niente si trasmette come la paura”, Cagliari, December 2014.  Organization of the Symposium by the Academia of Lincei  “Il ruolo infinitamente grande dell’infinitamente piccolo”, Cagliari, February  2016. Organization of the annual International Summer School “Prion and Prion-like Neurodegenerative Disorders”, Cagliari, September 2015; Carloforte, September  2016; Desenzano del Garda,  September  2017.
Society Affiliation
Member of the Italian Society of General Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology (SIMGBM), the Italian Society of Virology (SIV), and the Italian Federation of Life Sciences (FISV).


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