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Titolo: Anxiety disorders and differentiation of self
Data di pubblicazione: 2018
Abstract: Introduction.– Kerr and Bowen (1988) argued that individuals with a less differentiated self were more likely to experience anxiety, function less effectively in stressful situations, and suffer from physiological and relational psychological symptoms in social situations. In the recent years, these suggestions have been the focus of a great empirical research. These studies revealed that well differentiated individuals enjoy good physical and psychological health (e.g. Skowron, Stanley & Shapiro, 2009; Lampis, Cataudella, Busonera & Skowron, 2017) and are less anxious (e.g. Skowron & Dendy, 2004; Peleg & Yitzhak, 2011). Objectives.– Starting from these premises, the main objective of our investigation was to compare a normative sample (n = 69, control group) and two samples of adults seeking therapeutic services for couple relationship problems (n = 41) and for anxiety and panic (n = 47), to analyze differences on the levels of differentiation of self. Method.– The various components of differentiation of self (emotional reactivity, emotional cut-off, emotional fusion and Iposition) and the levels of anxiety were investigated using the Differentiation of Self Inventory Revised (DSI-R) and the Symptom Check List Revised (SCL-90-R). Results.– We found that participants of the clinical sample of adults seeking therapeutic services for anxiety and panic had significantly higher scores in the Emotional cut-off scale and significantly lower scores in the I-position scale. Conclusion.– The research revealed the importance of differentiation of self-processes to achieving an understanding of anxiety and panic disorders in research and clinical practice. Disclosure of interest.– The authors have not supplied a conflict of interest statement.
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