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Titolo: SARNET La rete di Stazioni Permanenti della Sardegna
Data di pubblicazione: 2007
Abstract: As a part of the research project funded by the MIUR for the years 2006-2007 (PRIN 2005) entitled "Improvement of topographic surveys with the integration of permanent GPS station network”, the Research Group of the University of Cagliari has addressed several issues related to the transmission of differential GPS corrections, the design and calculation of integrated networks, GLONASS constellation support to Real Time and post-processed positioning. The opportunity to work on Networked RTK arose from a collaboration with the societies Sardinia IT and Geodesia Tecnologie srl who created a network of permanent GPS stations covering the whole Sardinia region. Within this collaboration we were able to deal with issues related to the definition of the reference frame, the monitoring of the stations stability and the real time corrections quality. In particular, we started up the procedure for the weekly solutions with the Bernese 5.0 GPS software in the IGS05 reference frame and transformation in ETRS89 and we began the series of trials for assessing the quality of network corrections.
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