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Bioenergetic functions in subpopulations of heart mitochondria are preserved in a non-obese type 2 diabetes rat model (Goto-Kakizaki)2020Lai, N.; Kummitha, C. M.; Loy, F.; Isola, R.; Hoppel, C. L.SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
Integrated approach for data acquisition, visualization and processing of analog polarographic systems for bioenergetics studies2020Potter, Lucas; Krusienski, Dean; Kennedy, Jesse; Hoppel, CHARLES LESLIE; Lai, NicolaANALYTICAL BIOCHEMISTRY
Experiments and modeling of mine soil inertization through mechano-chemical processing: from bench to pilot scale using attritor and impact mills2020Concas, A.; Montinaro, S.; Pisu, M.; Lai, N.; Cao, G.ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
Mitochondrial Utilization of Competing Fuels Is Altered in Insulin Resistant Skeletal Muscle of Non-obese Rats (Goto-Kakizaki)2020Lai, N.; Fealy, C. E.; Kummitha, C. M.; Cabras, S.; Kirwan, J. P.; Hoppel, C. L.FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY
Isolation of mitochondrial subpopulations from skeletal muscle: optimizing recovery and preserving integrity2019Lai, N.; M. Kummitha, C.; Rosca, M. G.; Fujioka, H.; Tandler, B.; Hoppel, C. L.ACTA PHYSIOLOGICA
Alterations of skeletal muscle bioenergetics in a mouse with F508del mutation leading to a cystic fibrosis-like condition2019Lai, N.; Kummitha, C.; Drumm, M.; Hoppel, C.AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY: ENDOCRINOLOGY AND METABOLISM
Defects in skeletal muscle subsarcolemmal mitochondria in a non-obese model of type 2 diabetes mellitus2017Lai, N; Kummitha, C; Hoppel, CPLOS ONE
Gender Differences In The Cardiorespiratory Response To Exercise Using A Modified Bruce Protocol In Children2016Lai, N; Pfaff, N; Fiutem, Jj; Shivapour, J; Strainic, J; Grassi, BMEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE
Gender differences in V˙O2 and HR kinetics at the onset of moderate and heavy exercise intensity in adolescents2016Lai, N; Martis, A; Belfiori, A; Tolentino-Silva, F; Nasca, Mm; Strainic, J; Cabrera, MePHYSIOLOGICAL REPORTS
Mitochondrial function assessed by 31P MRS and BOLD MRI in non-obese type 2 diabetic rats2016Liu, Y; Mei, X; Li, J; Lai, N; Yu, XPHYSIOLOGICAL REPORTS
Contribution Of The Skeletal Muscle Pump To Blood Flow At The Onset Of Contractions2015Ferguson, Bs; Rogatzki, Mj; Lai, N; Wüst, Rci; Rossiter, Hb; Kluess, H; Gladden, LbMEDICINE & SCIENCE IN SPORTS & EXERCISE
Chronic hindlimb suspension unloading markedly decreases turnover rates of skeletal and cardiac muscle proteins and adipose tissue triglycerides2015Bederman, Ir; Lai, N; Shuster, J; Henderson, L; Ewart, S; Cabrera, MeJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Functional abdominal wall reconstruction improves core physiology and quality-of-life2014Criss, Cn; Petro, Cc; Krpata, Dm; Seafler, Cm; Lai, N; Fiutem, J; Novitsky, Yw; Rosen, MjSURGERY
Relating tissue/organ energy expenditure to metabolic fluxes in mouse and human: experimental data integrated with mathematical modeling2014Kummitha, Cm; Kalhan, Sc; Saidel, Gm; Lai, NPHYSIOLOGICAL REPORTS
Exercise training decreases activation of the mitochondrial fission protein dynamin-related protein-1 in insulin-resistant human skeletal muscle2014Fealy, C. E.; Mulya, A.; Lai, N.; Kirwan, J. P.JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Distinguishing the effects of convective and diffusive O2 delivery on V̇o2 on-kinetics in skeletal muscle contracting at moderate intensity2013Spires, J; Gladden, Lb; Grassi, B; Goodwin, Ml; Saidel, Gm; Lai, NAMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY. REGULATORY, INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY
An online model composition tool for system biology models2013Coskun, Sa; Cicek, Ae; Lai, N; Dash, Rk; Ozsoyoglu, Zm; Ozsoyoglu, GBMC SYSTEMS BIOLOGY
VO2 on-kinetics in isolated canine muscle in situ during slowed convective O2 delivery2012Goodwin, Ml; Hernández, A; Lai, N; Cabrera, Me; Gladden, LbJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Exercise intensity and oxygen uptake kinetics in African-American and Caucasian women2012Lai, N; Tolentino-Silva, F; Nasca, Mm; Silva, Ma; Cabrera, MeEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSIOLOGY
Computational model of cellular metabolic dynamics in skeletal muscle fibers during moderate intensity exercise2012Li, Y; Lai, N; Kirwan, Jp; Saidel, GmCELLULAR AND MOLECULAR BIOENGINEERING
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