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Integrative analysis for COVID-19 patient outcome prediction2021Chao, H.; Fang, X.; Zhang, J.; Homayounieh, F.; Arru, C. D.; Digumarthy, S. R.; Babaei, R.; Mobin..., H. K.; Mohseni, I.; Saba, L.; Carriero, A.; Falaschi, Z.; Pasche, A.; Wang, G.; Kalra, M. K.; Yan, P.MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS
Liver infection and COVID-19: the electron microscopy proof and revision of the literature2021Pirisi, M.; Rigamonti, C.; D’Alfonso, S.; Nebuloni, M.; Fanni, D.; Gerosa, C.; Orrù, G.; Venanzi ...Rullo, E.; Pavone, P.; Faa, G.; Saba, L.; Boldorini, R.EUROPEAN REVIEW FOR MEDICAL AND PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Pancreas fat quantification with quantitative CT: an MRI correlation analysis2020Yao, W. J.; Guo, Z.; Wang, L.; Li, K.; Saba, L.; Guglielmi, G.; Cheng, X. G.; Brown, J. K.; Blake..., G. M.; Liu, B.CLINICAL RADIOLOGY
Association between carotid artery plaque inflammation and brain MRI2020Saba, L.; Lai, L.; Lucatelli, P.; Sanfilippo, R.; Montisci, R.; S Suri, J.; Faa, G.JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Pancreatic Injury: Imaging Findings and Literature Review2020Porcu, M.; Solinas, C.; Migali, C.; Battaglia, A.; Schena, M.; Mannelli, L.; Addeo, A.; Willard-G...allo, K.; Saba, L.TARGETED ONCOLOGY
The influence of the volumetric composition of the intracranial space on neural activity in healthy subjects: a resting-state functional magnetic resonance study2020Porcu, M.; Wintermark, M.; Suri, J. S.; Saba, L.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
Imaging and Genomic Classification of Brain Alteration Induced By Gustatory Bitter Stimulus, A Pilot Study2020Barberini, Luigi; TOMASSINI BARBAROSSA, Iole; Melis, Melania; Marrosu, Francesco; Siotto, Paolo; ...Saba, LucaBIOMEDICAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL RESEARCH
The impact of modifiable risk factors on lesion burden in patients with early multiple sclerosis2020Lorefice, L; Destro, F; Fenu, G; Mallus, M; Gessa, I; Sechi, V; Barracciu, MA; Frau, J; Coghe, G;... Carmagnini, D; Marrosu, MG; Saba, L; Cocco, E.MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND RELATED DISORDERS
Performance of a deep learning algorithm for the evaluation of CAD-RADS classification with CCTA2020Muscogiuri, G.; Chiesa, M.; Trotta, M.; Gatti, M.; Palmisano, V.; Dell'Aversana, S.; Baessato, F....; Cavaliere, A.; Cicala, G.; Loffreno, A.; Rizzon, G.; Guglielmo, M.; Baggiano, A.; Fusini, L.; Saba, L.; Andreini, D.; Pepi, M.; Rabbat, M. G.; Guaricci, A. I.; De Cecco, C. N.; Colombo, G.; Pontone, G.ATHEROSCLEROSIS
Intra-procedural dual phase cone beam computed tomography has a better diagnostic accuracy over pre-procedural MRI and MDCT in detection and characterization of HCC in cirrhotic patients undergoing TACE procedure2020Lucatelli, P.; De Rubeis, G.; Ginnani Corradini, L.; Basilico, F.; Di Martino, M.; Lai, Q.; Corradini, S.; Cannavale, A.; Nardis, P. G.; Corona, M.; Saba, L.; Catalano, C.; Bezzi, M.EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY
Carotid artery imaging: The study of intra-plaque vascularization and hemorrhage in the era of the “vulnerable” plaque2020Porcu, M.; Anzidei, M.; Suri, J. S.; A Wasserman, B.; Anzalone, N.; Lucatelli, P.; Loi, F.; Monti...sci, R.; Sanfilippo, R.; Rafailidis, V.; Saba, L.JOURNAL OF NEURORADIOLOGY
Ultrasonographic soft markers for detection of rectosigmoid deep endometriosis2020Guerriero, Stefano; Ajossa, Silvia; Pascual, M Angela; Rodriguez, Ignacio; Piras, Alba; Pernician...o, Maura; Saba, Luca; Paoletti, Anna Maria; Mais, Valerio; Alcazar, Juan LuisULTRASOUND IN OBSTETRICS & GYNECOLOGY
Carotid artery stenosis and brain connectivity: the role of white matter hyperintensities2020Porcu, Michele; Garofalo, Paolo; Craboledda, Davide; Suri, Jasjit S; Suri, Harman S; Montisci, Ro...berto; Sanfilippo, Roberto; Saba, LucaNEURORADIOLOGY
Copper-Induced Epigenetic Changes Shape the Clinical Phenotype in Wilson Disease2020Fanni, Daniela; Gerosa, Clara; Nurchi, Valeria Marina; Cappai, Rosita; Mureddu, Marta; Eyken, Van; Saba, Luca; Manchia, Mirko; Faa, GavinoCURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY
Morphological Carotid Plaque Area Is Associated With Glomerular Filtration Rate: A Study of South Asian Indian Patients With Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease2020Puvvula, A.; Jamthikar, A. D.; Gupta, D.; Khanna, N. N.; Porcu, M.; Saba, L.; Viskovic, K.; Ajulu...chukwu, J. N. A.; Gupta, A.; Mavrogeni, S.; Turk, M.; Laird, J. R.; Pareek, G.; Miner, M.; Sfikakis, P. P.; Protogerou, A.; Kitas, G. D.; Nicolaides, A.; Viswanathan, V.; Suri, J. S.ANGIOLOGY
Neuroimaging, Networking and Systems Biology: The New Way to Investigate Pathologies with Neurological System Implications. The example of Tourette Syndrome as a Pilot Study2020Barberini, Luigi; Marrosu, Francesco; Muroni, Antonella; Scapin, Elisa; Balestrieri, Antonella; S... Suri, Jasjit; Saba, LucaBIOMEDICAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL RESEARCH
Cardiovascular/stroke risk predictive calculators: a comparison between statistical and machine learning models2020Jamthikar, A.; Gupta, D.; Saba, L.; Khanna, N. N.; Araki, T.; Viskovic, K.; Mavrogeni, S.; Laird,... J. R.; Pareek, G.; Miner, M.; Sfikakis, P. P.; Protogerou, A.; Viswanathan, V.; Sharma, A.; Nicolaides, A.; Kitas, G. D.; Suri, J. S.CARDIOVASCULAR DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY
Coronary atherosclerosis as the main endpoint of non-invasive imaging in cardiology: A narrative review2020Maffei, E.; Punzo, B.; Cavaliere, C.; Bossone, E.; Saba, L.; Cademartiri, F.CARDIOVASCULAR DIAGNOSIS AND THERAPY
Cardiovascular/stroke risk prevention: A new machine learning framework integrating carotid ultrasound image-based phenotypes and its harmonics with conventional risk factors2020Jamthikar, A.; Gupta, D.; Khanna, N. N.; Saba, L.; Laird, J. R.; Suri, J. S.INDIAN HEART JOURNAL
Cardiac Involvement in COVID-19-Assessment with Echocardiography and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging2020Cau, Riccardo; Bassareo, Pierpaolo; Saba, LucaSN COMPREHENSIVE CLINICAL MEDICINE
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