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                                               RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.

The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the test. Orals will be held on  Wednesday 30th ,Thursday 31st May.  See timetable below. Please note that times are approximate! Orals are in Room. 37(2nd floor) and consist in general conversation and describing a photograph.

N.B. Any students with an asterisk*  by their name need to contact Sally Davies in person  during office hours to discuss their test. (10-11.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays). 

Any students NOT on the list should also contact Sally Davies during office hours to discuss their results. (10-11.30am on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

20/45/65215 AMBROSIO* MARIO See me during office hours
20/40/65227 ARESU MAURO Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
20/45/65448 ARMAS MARCO Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
20/30/20734 ATZENI EGLE Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
20/40/30641 BICCAI* MICHELE See me during office hours
20/45/65259 CANI FIAMMETTA Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
20/39/29536 CAVALLI VALERIA Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
20/45/65299 DIANA DENISE Wednesday,30.05.2018 3pm
SU/65266 FOURNIER CLARA Thursday, 31.05.2018. 2pm
20/39/65346 HERRES ANGELA Thursday, 31.05.2018. 2pm
20/45/65371 MANCONI FABIO Thursday, 31.05.2018. 2pm
20/40/65097 MANTEGA EDOARDO Thursday, 31.05.2018. 2pm
20/40/65092 ME ANTONIO Thursday, 31.05.2018. 2pm
20/45/65638 MONNI* CONSUELO See me during office hours
20/45/65552 MORO* MARTA See me during office hours
20/45/65074 ORTU ANNA Thursday, 31.05.2018. 3pm
20/45/65539 PILLONI MICHELA Thursday, 31.05.2018. 3pm
20/39/65181 SCANU* GIADA See me during office hours
20/45/65309 SERVENTI FILIPPO Thursday, 31.05.2018. 3pm
20/45/65124 URRU MAURA Thursday, 31.05.2018. 3pm


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