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                             RESULTS and ORAL TESTS.


The following students can now proceed to the ORAL PART of the test. Orals will be held on Tuesday 7th June, Wednesday 8th June. See timetable below. Orals are in Room 37 (2nd floor) and consist in general conversation and talking about a chosen topic using notes. Please remember to bring your notes and pictures with you.

Students with an asterisk * by their name are requested to contact Sally Davies during office hours.

Any students NOT on the list are also requested to contact Sally Davies during office hours to discuss their test results.



Time and date
20/45/65111 ARRA BEATRICE Tuesday  7th June, 8.30
20/45/65001 ASUNI NICOLA Tuesday  7th June, 8.30
ERASMUS BRAKMANA IEVA Tuesday  7th June, 8.30
20/45/65014 CABITZA ELEONORA Tuesday  7th June, 8.30
20/44/65021 CARTA GIACOMO Tuesday  7th June, 8.30
20/45/65049 CAU VIVIANA Tuesday  7th June, 9.30
20/45/65013 CORRIAS SIMONA Tuesday  7th June, 9.30
20/38/29403 CUCCU MELINDA Tuesday  7th June, 9.30
20/45/65175 D’AGOSTINO GIULIA Tuesday  7th June, 9.30
20/46/65092 DEMURTAS MARCO Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65159 ECCA RICCARDO Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65117 FADDA MONICA Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65065 FENU FEDERICA Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65033 FLORIS ALESSANDRA Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65129 FOIS FEDERICA Tuesday  7th June,13.30
20/45/65066 GASPA ROBERTA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65137 GHISU ALESSANDRA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/38/29704 IBBA CHIARA* Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65144 LAI MICHELA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65112 LITTERA CAROLINA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65102 MANCA MARTINA*
20/45/65130 MARRAS ELENA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65040 MARRAS ISABELLA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65003 MASERATI CARLA*
20/39/61638 MASSA GIORGIA Tuesday  7th June,14.30
20/45/65138 MATTA MARCO Tuesday  7th June,15.30
20/43/61414 NANO FRANCESCO Tuesday  7th June, 15.30
20/38/30474 OBILI RITA Tuesday 7th June, 15.30
20/39/30794 ORRU MATTEO ARMANDO Tuesday  7th June,15.30
20/45/65029 PANI MATTEO Tuesday  7th June,15.30
20/45/65164 PASCHINA MORENO Tuesday  7th June,15.30
20/38/28886 PIANO ELEONORA Tuesday  7th June,15.30
20/45/65113 PODDI SILVIA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/45/65057 PORCEDDU GIULIA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/45/65010 PRESTILEO EMANUELE Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/45/65083 ROSA SABRINA*
20/45/65079 SALIS SILVANA*
20/38/30929 SANNA GIANNA*
20/45/65109 SANTAGATI MARINA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/38/30050 SCHIRRU ALBERTO Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/45/65142 SERRA MARTA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/39/61827 SIRIGU SARA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/45/65070 SORCE MONICA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/38/28995 TIDDIA VALENTINA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00
20/44/30518 ZIRULIA MARTA Wednesday 8th June, 9.00


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