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Titolo: Un nuovo miliario di Traiano da Villamassargia e considerazioni su un altro rinvenuto nel medesimo territorio
Data di pubblicazione: 2014
Abstract: In this paper are examined two milestones of the “via a Karalibus Sulcos” found in Sardinia in the territory of Villamassargia (CI). The first, unpublished and dating back to 108-109 AD, shortly before the decision of the emperor Trajan to give back the administration of Sardinia to proconsuls sent by the Senate, is another example of the great attention paid to this road during Trajan’s age. Moreover the location of its discovery might reopen the matter of the exact layout of the road. A more extensive reading is proposed about the second milestone, already published and dated to the second half of the IIIrd century AD; in particular a new hypothesis is made for the reconstruction of the name of the governor mentioned therein, which could be compared to others remembered in Sardinian inscriptions of the time. Finally both documents can give information about the name of the road that does not seem to have been always the same.
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