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Titolo: Constructing reality in Palestinian discourse: the strategic function of concessives
Data di pubblicazione: 2010
Abstract: This paper builds on Kuzar’s (2008) analysis of the concept of “Right of Return” in contemporary Palestinian discourse, and his observation that discursive devices are used to construct a narrative of reality that supports a particular viewpoint. Focussing on Karmi’s (2007) advocacy of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinan conflict, this paper examines the author’s use of English concessives (including counter-assertions and concessive connectives) as a discursive device to construct reality. Adopting a basically pragmatic approach, the analysis focuses on a small number of examples from the text. It is argued that concessives perform two main strategic functions: they confer a degree of coherence upon contrasting data and they lend dialogic overtones to the text. Furthermore, concessive connectives are shown to be multi-functional. They are bearers of implied content (of contrast and exception), instantiations of a constant logical structure, and instruments of speech acts (of concession). They also perform a procedural rather than representative role in argumentation: they instruct readers how to process relations between propositions.
ISBN: 978-954-07-2968-8
Tipologia:4.1 Contributo in Atti di convegno

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