Luisanna Fodde, Cagliari 18/2/1958

 TELEPHONE:  070-675-3358


Edificio Baffi Viale S.  Ignazio 74, 09123 CAGLIARI



Married since 1983. 2 daughters.


Full professor of English language and Linguistics, Faculty of Economics, Cagliari University (undergraduate course in Business and Management, undergraduate course in Economics and Finance, undergraduate and graduate course in Tourism management; undergraduate courses in Language and Communication, Language and Cultures for Mediation)

Novembre 2006 – present:  Director, Language Center, University of Cagliari.

May 2013- Member AICLU (Associazione Italiana Centri Linguistici Universitary) National Board.

1 June 2006 – 31 December 2011:  Director, Department of Economic and Commercial Sciences.


From 2001 to 2006 responsible  for the assistant and tutoring of disabled students, Faculty of Economics.

From 2004 to 2007, responsible for external services and communication, Faculty of Economics.

From 2004 to 2006, vice-director  of the University Language Centre .

Dal 2001 al 2005 Direttore Vicario del Dipartimento di Ricerche Aziendali: Economia, Diritto e Comunicazione.

From February 2007 to July 2011, member  of the Technical and Scientific Board of the Regional Project called “Sardegna Speaks English”, funded by the European Union for the spread of the English language among Sardinian citizens.

From 2006 to 2011 Erasmus-Globus coordinator, Faculty of Economics.


1981: Ma in Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Cagliari:  grades:  110/110 magna cum laude and Printing permission to the dissertation “African-American Autobiographies in 19th- Century America”.


1982: National Competition for the teaching of English language and literature in High School.

1982: Winner, National competition for 1 University post as full time Researcher in English Language, Faculty of Economics, Cagliari University.

1998: Winner of the National competition for 13 posts of Associate Professors, English Language and Linguistics.

2004: Winner, National competition for 1 post as Full Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Faculty of Economics, Cagliari University.


1983: University of Cincinnati, Ohio: Department of African American Studies

1984, 1985: Reserach on African-American Women’s literature,  New York Public Library.

1987, 1988: Research on American dialects, British Library, London .

1989: Research on Noah Webster, Rice University Library, Houston, Texas.

1990, 1991, 1993, 1994: word formation and history of American-English, British Library, London.

1997, 1998, 1999; 2000; 2001: Africanan-American Vernacular English, British Library, London.

2005: language and space in Italian- American fiction, New York Public Library.


– English (academic level);

– French (B1-B2: intermediate);

– Spanish (B1: pre-intermediate);

– Russian (elementary);


1981- present: periodical yearly collaboration at the press office during The Championships, Wimbledon, at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club as senior press assistant.

1984-1985: US Open, Flushing Meadows, New York (press office);

1987-88: Italian teacher for a group of American soldiers deployed at the Nato base in Decimomannu (Cagliari). 


2014- present: Member, Board of Directors, Tennis Europe.

2014- present: President, Development Committee, Tennis Europe.

2013- present: member of the Fed Cup Committee, International Tennis Federation;

2005 – 2013  member of Tennis Europe Development Committee on behalf of the Italian Tennis Federation.

2007- 2013: member of the Olypic Committee, International Tennis Federation. Participation  to the Beijing 2007  and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

1981: work experience at the Italian Tennis Open;

1985- 1992- 2001: Head of the players’ and information office during the Davis Cup ties held in Cagliari: Italy vs. Sweden; Italy vs. Hungary; Italy vs. Finland

1980-2003: Head of the players and information office during the International Tennis Tournaments organized by the association Tennis Club Cagliari.


2006, Vienna, Austria

2007, Vigo, Spain;

2010, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania, USA

2011, Seville, Spain

2012, Northeastern University Boston, USA


May 30th 2014: AICLU annual conference, Torino, Italy.

November 22-24, 2012: Tourists and Tourism in Language and Linguistics, Cagliari, Italy

May 26-28 2011: SLIN workshop (The Society for the Study of the History of English in Italy). Conference co-organizer

Rome 14-16 April 2011: International Conference on Specialized Genres. Past Present and Future, University of Rome 4;

2009; 2010; 2011: AEGEE (European Association of Economics Students): European Day of Languages

ANILS (National Association of Language Teachers), regional meetings 2010-2011;

2009, 24-27 September: AIA National Conference (Italian Association of English Studies), Rome,

“Sardegna-Irlanda, Sotto due cieli diversamente azzurri”, Facoltà di Economia, Facoltà di Lingue, Università di Cagliari, 23 novembre 2007;

“Small Business Banking”, Facoltà di Economia, 24-26 maggio 2007;

Presentazione volume “Figli e Padri” di Gianfranco Petrillo, Facoltà di Economia, Università di Cagliari, 12 gennaio 2007.

XXII Convegno AIA, Cagliari, 15-17 settembre 1995.


Collaboration with a group of colleagues of the Faculty of Economics, Cagliari University, in the revision and translation process of articles and books on Corporate Finance, Economy of Public Enterprises, Financial Intermediaries, International Economics.

Revision of  “How to deal with the new rating culture”, a practical guide published by the European Commission, edited by prof. Riccardo Delisa, McKinsey & Company Inc. and System Consulting Network s.r.l. (2005).


Translantion into English of the web site of the Calasetta winery, including wine descriptions and online sale stages (2005-2006).

Coordination and revision of the translation in English of the web site (3.600 web pages, January-May 2007).

Translation in English of the Commercial Agreement between the Sardinian Government and Harrods Ltd (April-May 2007)


1981: AISNA (Associazione Italiana Studi Nord-Americani) Bologna;

1985: AISNA L’Aquila;

1988: EAAS (European Association of American Studies), Berlino Ovest;

1990: AIA (Associazione Italiana di Anglistica), Pisa;

1990: III Convegno Nazionale di Storia della Lingua Inglese, Roma;

1990 e 1991: “Black History Month Celebrations”, Base Nato Decimomannu (Cagliari);

1991: Associazione Italia-Inghilterra, Cagliari;

1992: EAAS (European Association for American Studies) Siviglia;

1993: VI Convegno Nazionale di Storia della Lingua Inglese, Urbino;

1994: “Black History Month Celebrations”, Base Aerea di Aviano;

1994: Convegno Nazionale “Lo Straniero”, Facoltà di Lettere e Magistero, Università di Cagliari;

1997: VII Convegno Nazionale di Storia della Lingua Inglese, Santa Margherita Ligure;

1997: Convegno “Le Attività dei Centri Linguistici in una dimensione Europea”, Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Cagliari;

1997: The International Conference of World Englishes, Singapore;

1998: I Convegno CERCLES (Associazione Centri Linguistici Europei), Bergamo;

1999: VIII Convegno Nazionale di Storia della Lingua Inglese, Napoli; Convegno Nazionale Associazione Italiana Anglistica, Milano, Università Statale; RMMLA Conference (Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association) Santa Fe, New Mexico;

2000: ESSE Conference (European Society for the Study of English), Helsinki, Finland;

2001: CAAR (Collegium of African-American Research) Conference, Santa Margherita di Pula, Cagliari: Presidenza Sezione Linguistica; Convegno ANILS (Associazione Italiana Insegnanti Lingue Straniere), Cagliari; X SLIN Conference (Associazione Italiana Storia della Lingua Inglese), Pavia; Convegno Nazionale Associazione Italiana Anglistica, Catania.; Anno Europeo delle Lingue, Napoli, Convegno Nazionale;

2002: Cipro, Convegno Internazionale, “Invitation au Voyage”, 13-15 novembre

2003: Modena, XXI Convegno Associazione Italiana Anglistica, 26-28 Settembre

2003: Cagliari, Centro Linguistico di Ateneo, Corso Aggiornamento ANILS-CLA Cagliari-CLA Sassari, 1 Ottobre.

2003: Vigo, Spagna, II DICOEN Conference (Discourse, Communications and the Enterprise) 12-16 Novembre

2004: Verona, X ICAME (International Conference on Corpus Linguistics) 14-18 maggio

2004: Milano ESP Conference, Nov- 11-13, Facoltà di Scienze Politiche

2004: Cagliari, Facoltà di Economia, Giornata Europea delle Lingue, 24 novembre

2004: Milano, Bocconi 3 dicembre: L’insegnamento delle Lingue nelle Facoltà di Economia

2005: Cagliari, XXII Convegno Associazione Italiana di Anglistica, 15-17 settembre

2006: London, ESSE CONFERENCE (European Society for the Study of English), 3-7 settembre.

2006: Cagliari, Convegno Nazionale ANILS (Associazione Nazionale Insegnanti Lingue Straniere), 30 Novembre.

2006: Brescia, Università Cattolica, Convegno Nazionale “Travelling Texts, reisende Texte”, 21 dicembre.

2007: Bari, XXIII Convegno Associazione Italiana di Anglistica, 17-19 settembre;

2007: Cagliari, “Convegno Lingua e Identità” (Facoltà di Lingue e Facoltà di Economia), 23 novembre.

2008: Università degli Studi di Verona, Convegno Internazionale “GlobEng”, 14-16 Febbraio;

2009: Università di Verona, Convegno Internazionale “American English-es. Linguistic and socio-cultural perspectives” 26 maggio 2009;

2009: Roma AIA, “Challenges for the 21s centuries, dilemmas Ambiguities, Directions” 1-3 ottobre;

2009: Cagliari ANILS Convegno Nazionale “Una Scuola che Parla”, 5-6 novembre;

2009: Università Milano Bicocca “Specialised usages of English in Economic and Business Discourses”, 12-13 novembre.

2010: Cagliari, Seminario Lend “Perché usare la lavagna luminosa?” 23 marzo;

2010: Kuala Lumpur(Malesia), International Seminar LSP 2010, 4-5 Maggio;

2011:  Rome 14-16 April 2011: International Conference on Specialized Genres. Past Present and Future, University of Rome 4;

2011: Cagliari 12-14 May. International conference “Metaphors and Communication” Cagliari University

2011: September 8-11 Hong Kong: DICOEN VI (Discourse Communication and the Enterprise), The Hong Kong Polythecnic

2012: 26-28 ottobre. International Conference on Sustainable Religious Tourism. Lecce, Italy.

2012: 4-6 ottobre, XVIII Seminario AICLU, Università della Calabria, Italy

2012: 22-23 Novembre, Tourism and Tourists in Language and Linguistics, Cagliari, Italy.

2013: 10-13 December, ALAPP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2014: 4 February-March 1st: II seminario sull’opera di Andrea Camilleri.

2014: 16 May, Sassari University Language Centre.


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ISBN (10): 1-4438-4748-8, ISBN (13): 978-1-4438-4748-3

Single Volumes:

  1. Autobiografie Nere nell’America dell’Ottocento, Cagliari:      Kalb, 1982;
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Publications in collaboration 

21st-Century Business English, Cedam, Padova 1995 (co-autore: Antonio Mattu)

Editorial Jobs 

Tourism and Tourists in Language and Linguistics, TEXTUS English Studies in Italy, Vol. 1 2012, Roma: Carocci  (co-editor, Georges van Den Abbeele), in print


The following people may provide reference letters on my behalf:

–  Prof. Aldo Pavan, Full Professor of Corporate Management, Department of Economics, Università di Cagliari, Italy

– Prof. Ignazio Putzu, Director, Department of Philology, Literature and Linguistics, Università di Cagliari, Italy;

– Ing. Angelo Binaghi, President, Federazione Italiana Tennis, Viale Tiziano 70, 00187 Roma.

– Sarah Clarke,  Championships Director, AELTC, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE

Cagliari, 10 July  2014                                                   Luisanna Fodde

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