Research activities


My research activities are in the fields:

Medical Physics


Systems biology


I introduced the study of Metabolomics in Cagliari in 2003 with a doctoral thesis on methods of analysis by NMR spectroscopy of biofluids for multiple sclerosis diagnosis in adults, and for the evaluation of damages on systems and organs in preterm infants. In the postdoc period, I have created the group of Clinical Metabolomics for the studies on neurological diseases and preterm newborn pathologies.
In the Medical Physics field, I was involved in several studies about radiation detectors properties, in the application of neurosciences methods of Imaging and Signals Analysis.
Now I’m moving towards the application of metabolomics to the system biology focalizing the Complex Systems techniques analysis to the diagnostic properties of the metabolome, and I’m developing my investigations with fMRI and fcMRI on neurological diseases (Tourette’s Syndrome, for example).
Luigi Barberini

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