Dr Francesca Ippolito JD (Bologna), Phd (Milan) is currently Associate Professor of International Law and European Union Law at the University of Cagliari, Italy. She is principal investigator and member of funded national, international and European projects; Visiting Professor/Scholar in several Universities among which Glasgow, Bordeaux, Seville, and selected member of the prestigious Research Center of The Hague Academy of International Law (session 2010 on International Migration with Prof. G. Goodwing Gill and P. Weckel). She is member of the scientific board of the journal European Papers and of the editorial (redazione) board of the Journal Diritto Pubblico Comparato ed europeo. Dr. Ippolito’s most recent publications include F. Ippolito, G. Biagioni (eds), Migrant children: challenges for international law, Editoriale Scientifica, Series directed by professors Arcari, Tanzi, Milano, 2016; F. Ippolito, S. Trevisanut (eds), Migration in the Mediterranean: Mechanisms of International Cooperation, Cambridge, (Cambridge University Press) 2015; F. Ippolito, S. Iglesias Sanchez (eds) The protection of vulnerable groups. The European Human Rights Framework, Oxford (Hart Publishing – Modern Studies in European Law Series), 2015; A. Abass, F. Ippolito, Regional approaches to asylum seekers protection: an international law perspective, Ashgate, 2014


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