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MARIO: Managing Active and healthy aging with use of caRing servIce robots. EU H2020 link

MARIO addresses the difficult challenges of loneliness, isolation and dementia in older persons through innovative and multi-faceted inventions delivered by service robots. The effects of these conditions are severe and life-limiting. They burden individuals and societal support systems. Human intervention is costly but the severity can be prevented and/or mitigated by simple changes in self-perception and brain stimulation mediated by robots.


Waternomics. EU FP7 link
The Waternomics project aims to reduce water consumption of municipalities, corporations and domestic users by providing water managers and consumers with timely information about water usage and water availability. The project makes information about the water services system available to stakeholders in real-time in order to stimulate water saving. By employing smart water technology, the project (i) enables the detailed and real-time measurement of water flows and usage, (ii) supports analyses of water consumption patterns and (iii) provides key recommendations on how to increase water efficiency.

Mas2tering: Multi-Agent Systems and Secured coupling of Telecom and Energy gRIds for Next Generation smartgrid services. EU FP7 link

Mas2tering is a three-year technology-driven and business-focused project, aimed at developing an innovative information and communication technology (ICT) platform for the monitoring and optimal management of local communities of prosumers. MAS2TERING combines an original business vision, aimed at the enablement of local energy aggregation markets, with a set of enabling technologies from the artificial intelligence, communication and security domains. Last-mile connectivity solutions will be combined with a distributed optimisation platform, and the security of communications enhanced, to enable for effective and secured electricity management at distribution level and create new business opportunities. Doing so, the project aims at enabling new collaboration opportunities between grid operators and telecom and energy companies, both from technology and business perspectives.

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