ARE Projects


Year 2015-2016

  1. Antonello Meloni, Development of a program in IJVM for Mic1 and Assembly 8088 for the conversion of an arithmetic expression from infix to postfix notation (RPN)
  2. Edoardo Cittadini, Development of a circuit on breadboard with buttons and AND gate
  3. Michael Planu, Domotics with Arduino
  4. Valentino Artizzu, Riccardo Macis, Alessandro Cotza, Coin-op Arcade Controller with Arduino
  5. Francesca Cella, Andrea Marras, Printing on LCD display humidity, light intensity, date and time values with Arduino
  6. Davide Curcio, Storing on a web server intensity light, temperature and humidity values with Arduino
  7. Giorgio Amedeo Iengo, Led e Joystick con Arduino
  8. Simone Picci, Arduino and management of an acoustic sensor
  9. Riccardo Scasseddu, Arduino for the management of electrical appliances
  10. Salvatore Spanu, Roberta Galici, Arduino for the management of led 8×8 matrix
  11. Salvatore Spanu, Roberta Galici, Arduino Pong
  12. Andrea Corda, Arduino for the development of a metronome
  13. Laura Mura, AND gate circuit
  14. Laura Ordile, Paper Piano with Arduino
  15. Raffaele Pilloni, Alarm Control Unit

A subset of the above mentioned projects (those submitted within the agreed deadlines) have been written in a paper and published within the international Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition. IGI-GLOBAL

Year 2016-2017

  1. Emanuele Concas, Missione ARE
  2. Luca Putzolu, Gabriele Merlin, Daniele Ortu, Djanni Bombs
  3. Serena Sanna, Davide Brunetto, Robot Car Obstacle Dodge
  4. Davide Brunetto, Console Retrogaming con Raspberry Pi
  5. Gianpaolo Perelli, Quanto sei alto
  6. Andrea Re, 2-axis controller
  7. Gianmario Cuccuru, Laser alarm developed with Arduino
  8. Francesco Zoccheddu, Videogame using AVR microcontroller
  9. Davide Corda, Irrigate with Arduino
  10. Emanuel Fois e Andrea Podda, Jumper Game con Arduino UNO
  11. Emanuele Fois e Andrea Podda, Macchina Segui linea

Year 2017-2018

  1. Roberto Zedda, X88 Simulator
  2. Doriano Edosini, Metal Detector
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