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Titolo: Il tetto ligneo della chiesa romanica di Santa Maria d’Itria a Maracalagonis
Data di pubblicazione: 2012
Abstract: The church of Santa Maria d’Itria stands in the centre of Maracalagonis, not far from the church dedicated to the Beata Vergine Assunta. The absence of written sources does not allow a specific chronological placement of the building, posted by comparison to the 13th century. Inside the Church, divided into three naves by monolithic columns, the wooden roof with 25 decorated trusses, whose beams are supported by carved corbels with motifs of various kinds. The paper analyzes the history of studies and archival documents of restoration of wooden trusses and corbels, formerly attributed to the original but still complex chronological arrangement. It offers a critical reading of the writings published, supported by quantitative descriptive and graphic patterns divided by categories.
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