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Position: PhD Student
Scientific field: Computer Science
Research area: Computer Graphics and Geometry Processing – Fabrication
Department: Mathematics and Computer Science
Palazzo delle Scienze, via Ospedale 72 Cagliari
University: University of Cagliari
Group: CG3HCI



  • Height-Field Block Decomposition for 3-Axis Milling
    Alessandro Muntoni, Marco Livesu, Riccardo Scateni, Alla Sheffer and Daniele Panozzo
    Accepted with Major Rewiew to ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG)
  • Fabrication Oriented Shape Decomposition Using Polycube Mapping
    Filippo A. Fanni, Gianmarco Cherchi, Alessandro Muntoni, Alessandro Tola, Riccardo Scateni
    Under review to Computer & Graphics Forum
  • A Seamless Pipeline for the Acquisition of the Body Shape: the Virtuoso Case Study
    Marianna Saba, Fabio Sorrentino, Alessandro Muntoni, Sara Casti, Gianmarco Cherchi,
    Alessandro Carcangiu, Fabrizio Corda, Alessio Murru, Spano Lucio Davide, Riccardo Scateni,
    Ilaria Vitali, Ovidio Salvetti, Massimo Magrini, Andrea Villa, Andrea Carboni,
    Pascali Maria Antonietta
    Smart Tools and Apps for Graphics
  • ChIP: Teaching coding in primary schools
    Fabio Sorrentino, Lucio Davide Spano, Sara Casti, Alessandro Carcangiu, Fabrizio Corda,
    Gianmarco Cherchi, Alessio Murru, Alessandro Muntoni, Stefano Nuvoli, Riccardo Scateni
    CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1910, 106-110



  • CG3Lib: a C++ library which provides algorithms and data structures for computational geometry and geometry processing, and interface for an easy use of libraries like CGAL, LibIGL, CinoLib.

Stages Abroad:

  • Visiting Master Student at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 3 months
  • Visiting Ph.D. Student at New York University, New York, 5 months


Partecipation to Projects:

  • Virtuoso project: Virtuoso is a project which aims at creating a seamless interactive support for fitness and wellness activities in touristic resorts.
    Coordinator: SCATENI Riccardo
    CUP F78C13000530002
    Financier: Regione Sardegna, L.R. 7/2007, Bando 2013
  • DSurf project: DSurf is a project which aims to develop scalable algorithms to design surfaces with patterns of predictable appearance and mechanical properties, validating these algorithms with physical measurements.
    Scientific Coordinator: PELLACINI Fabio
    Scientific Manager: SCATENI Riccardo
    University: Università degli Studi di CAGLIARI
    Protocol: 2015B8TRFM_004
    Setctor ERC PE6
    Duration: 36 months

Posters and Doctoral Consortium:


  • Fabrication of Simplified Shapes using Digital CNC Machines
    Research Statement and Poster presented at the Doctoral Consortium held at EuroGraphics 2017



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C.F.: 80019600925 - P.I.: 00443370929
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